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  1. Xbox

    Xbox ds3 dancer

    34 minutes ago
    Boss: Dancer of the Boreal Valley

    Pw is Beans

  2. Xbox

    Xbox ds3 aldrich

    an hour ago
    Boss: Aldrich, Devourer of Gods

    Ps is Beans

  3. PS4

    PS4/5 DS3 Dancer

    2 hours ago
    Boss: Dancer of the Boreal Valley

    Dancer please Password: bcfc75

  4. Boss: Slave Knight Gael

    Anyone around? 😊

    PW: OozyCact

  5. Boss: None

    Can someone invade me so I could get pure white tendency? I’m possibly one away. Happy to return any favors

    World 1-2 Password: 1234 US West (california)

  6. Boss: None

    Please could someone help me with the boss soul weapons for the knight's honor trophy? :) any help massively appreciated

  7. Boss: Yhorm the Giant

    Hi, Can someone help me with this giant shit? Just give me a summon sign near fog gate. Password is smooth.

  8. Boss: None

    Anyway to help would be great

  9. Boss: Sister Friede

    I meant Ds3 not ds4 God damn it, phone.

  10. Boss: Crystal Sage

    I’d like the weapon for better farming, but I accidentally consumed the boss soul when I first started playing it. Would anyone be willing to part with theirs? (Worth a shot)

  11. Boss: Nameless King

    Help me beat nameless king? I’ve beat him before a few times, just wanna get this boss fight over with lol.

    Also got an extra symbol of avarice if anyone has something they’re willing to trade for it.

    Edit: if anyone wants to join in to beat this boss, you can drop the sign up by the big bell lever

    Edit 2: no password

  12. PS5

    PS5 DS3 Dancer

    8 hours ago
    Boss: Dancer of the Boreal Valley

    Password is Soul

  13. PS5

    PS5 DS3 Aldrich

    8 hours ago
    Boss: Aldrich, Devourer of Gods

    Password is Soul

  14. PS5

    DS3 PS5 Aldrich

    8 hours ago
    Boss: Aldrich, Devourer of Gods

  15. Boss: None

    Hi! Trying to get the trophy for blue phantom. Anyone need help? Anyone know where people usually need help at my SL? I have access to all bosses except 1-4

  16. PS4

    Ds3 ps4/5 wolnir ng+2

    9 hours ago
    Boss: High Lord Wolnir

    Anyone wana help

  17. PS5

    Pontiff Sully PS5

    9 hours ago
    Boss: Pontiff Sulyvahn

    PS5 Church of Yorshka bonfire

  18. Boss: Abyss Watchers

    Ive been struggling and no trick seems to help, anyone up to help?

  19. Boss: Nameless King

    Password: storm

    Praise the sub!

  20. Boss: None

    Would really help for pure white character and platinum. Currently at the 3-3 staircase on the US East (Ohio) server. Much appreciated.

  21. Boss: None

    Hi, I haven't played in a while and it would be awesome to play with someone else who can guide me through. I'm at the Central Irythill Bonfire. Password is Iry11

  22. Boss: None

  23. PS5

    (PS5) Ds3 Aldrich

    10 hours ago
    Boss: Aldrich, Devourer of Gods

    password: drkflame

    at the anor londo bonfire

  24. PS5

    Ps5 ds3 any boss

    10 hours ago
    Boss: None

    I can help with any boss.