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  1. Boss: Aldrich, Devourer of Gods

  2. Boss: Dancer of the Boreal Valley

    I’m at the Vordt bonfire, password ‘helphelp.’ My name is Sunshine and I’ve yet to get gud.

  3. Boss: None

    password is moncler leave your sign near fog wall thank you in advance

  4. Boss: Twin Princes

    Getting my shit rocked.

  5. Boss: Soul of Cinder


  6. Boss: None

    Hate this bastard

  7. Boss: Twin Princes

    Can someone help me? This miracles run is miserable and I just want to wrap this thing up, get the platinum, and move on to a different souls game haha.

    I got Moonlight, Ornstein, and Gwyndolin souls up for trade, 8 twinkling chunks. Just seeing if anyone has a character they ran the weapons achievement with who has an extra Gwyn soul

    SL 48

    PW is Gwyn

    Put summon sign at first Tomb of the Giants bonfire, the one that’s warpable

  8. Boss: Twin Princes

    Need help to kick their asses. Password will be Stonewal

  9. PS5

    Gwyn ps5

    2 hours ago
    Boss: None

    At the lord vessel. PW: shrimps Thanks!

  10. PS4

    PS4 ds3 help me

    2 hours ago
    Boss: Darkeater Midir

    Dark eater midir, place sign at fog pw F35D

  11. Boss: Demon Prince

  12. Boss: Soul of Cinder

    I messed up my NPCs on this first playthrough. :( I run out of estus by the time I get to his second form.

    password is 'help'

    I'm embered at Kiln of the First Flame bonfire.

  13. Boss: Soul of Cinder

  14. Boss: None

    Can anyone help me with this boss? I know SM is an issue with this game, but my SM is over 172k.

  15. PS5

    Ps5 namless king ng+

    3 hours ago
    Boss: Nameless King

    Fuck this guy password is 1234

  16. Boss: Darkeater Midir

    Alright, who's joing in? Tried this behemoth plenty of times, but woof that health pool. Password is suplex

  17. Boss: Sister Friede

  18. PS4

    DS2 SOTFS PS4 Helper

    4 hours ago
    Boss: None

    Summon me for anything souls mem: 143, 270 I have all bonfires. Yes even dlcs

  19. Boss: None

    My weapon of choice is draconic so i barely deal damage to him. Password can be "DOOM", I'm on the EU Frankfurt server

  20. Boss: None

    Requesting help with New Londo/4Kings Password Darth


  21. Boss: Twin Princes

    Summon me for anything, I have a new game + 5 character, a meta pvp 125 character, and a twink level 10.