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  1. Boss: None

    Summon me for any bossfight

  2. Boss: None

  3. Boss: None

    Anything you want

  4. Boss: Nameless King

    hello! password is 1111

  5. Boss: None

    Someone to help me get the Vertebrae Shackles online?

    PS4 Pw: pepe

    Is someone available right now to help me get the Vertebrae Shackles for the platinum? I need someone to summon me via the Red Sign Soapstone and allow me to kill them repeatedly while I'm a Mound-Maker. If you also need the shackles I'll return the favor! Please help!

  6. Boss: Pontiff Sulyvahn

    I started invading way too late in my game, and it's really hard for me to invade now (level too high). I need 19 shackles for Warmth. Can you help me? I'll leave my purple summon sign at Pontiff's bonfire (character name: Red Rina)

  7. Boss: None

    Add me to farm Adamt_1999 Will help you too

  8. Boss: Crystal Sage

    Would like to co-op in DS2 DLC. Smelter Demon then Fume Knight.

  9. Boss: None

  10. Boss: None

  11. Boss: Aldrich, Devourer of Gods

    hello! password is 1111

  12. Boss: None

    Just looking for someone to speedrun the game with me two times on NG+. Beat the whole game on my lonesome recently and I'm doing two re runs of the game for 100% anyone wanna play the game together for a bit of co op fun?

  13. Boss: None

    I’m happy to help with anything anyone needs in return just struggling to get the concord covenant items so I started a whole new NG cycle just to be able to summon someone to help me since the silver knights consistently slaughter me lol

  14. Boss: None

  15. Boss: None

    Need help unlocking shortcut from church and then fighting boss. Password 1234

  16. Boss: Abyss Watchers

    Need help getting through the entire way and boss fight. Please put sign at abyss watchers bonfire. Password 1234

  17. Boss: Pontiff Sulyvahn

    Will be setting my Summon Sign just past Pontiff Sulyvahn. Will offer Embers for your time so that you don't have to waste any of your own.

  18. Boss: None

    I got a level 19 thief with damn near all luck based attributes my luck is 20 my next highest is dex at 15 and then vigor at 13 Idk where I should put my points or souls next

  19. Boss: Darkeater Midir

    I can’t beat this dragon and it’s just becoming annoying

  20. Boss: None

  21. Boss: Nameless King

  22. Boss: Champion Gundyr

    I accidentally burned gundyrs soul 😔

  23. Boss: None

    Hello. I am seeking assistance with farming up 30 Vertebrae Shackles via Red Phantom Summons as a Mound Maker. I am currently level 137.

    I want someone to summon me as a Red Phantom and let me slay them 30 times as a Red Phantom. It shouldn't take too long!

    In return, I can help you with something or give an item.

    Please DM me if you'd spare a few minutes to help me out of this horrible grind.