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  1. Boss: Nameless King

    Ds3 nameless king help pls

  2. PS4

    Midir ps4

    16 minutes ago
    Boss: Darkeater Midir

    Someone can help me with midir?

  3. Boss: None

    Let me know and Ill jump in

  4. Boss: None

    Like I said, if you need help with dark souls 2 Scholar of the first sin. I can do that anywhere right now.

  5. Boss: Champion's Gravetender

  6. Boss: None

    hey everyone, i am having trouble with that one bridge at road of sacrifices (with a poison-witch or whatever theyre called, and the 3-4 winged guys). if someone could help me, that would be great.

    Dark Souls 3

  7. Boss: Darkeater Midir

    Any help would be appreciated.

  8. Boss: Dancer of the Boreal Valley

    An extra hand would be lovely. NG++, can meet at the fog wall :)

  9. PC

    PC DS3 Dancer

    3 hours ago
    Boss: Dancer of the Boreal Valley

    Need someone/people really good who can help me with the dancer at level 1 Password 1234 outside Vordt

  10. PS5

    PS5 DeS PBCT to PWCT

    4 hours ago
    Boss: None

    Need help killing ten Black Phantoms, Anyone with red eye stone would help massivly.

  11. PC

    Lothric twins PC

    5 hours ago
    Boss: Twin Princes

  12. Boss: None

    Yolo922 I'm at the fog gate

  13. Boss: None

    early game is near guaranteed for me to help

  14. Xbox

    Xbox twin princes help

    8 hours ago
    Boss: Twin Princes

    Keep getting my butt kicked in the second phase. Anyone care to help?

  15. Boss: None

    Pw is yolo922 I'm at the fog and also on my last humanity

  16. Boss: Pontiff Sulyvahn

    Looking for a third. Password is Y

  17. Boss: None

    I can help with any boss except ringed city dlc. Tell me where and I'll go with 2 friends too. Pass 2020.

  18. PC

    PC DS1 Steam SL70

    10 hours ago
    Boss: None

    DS1R - hey can someone please help me i’m at the bonfire right before seath then scaleless! i’m trying to get moonlight great sword!

  19. Xbox

    DS3 Xbox Boreal Dancer

    10 hours ago
    Boss: Dancer of the Boreal Valley

    Need a third to help me and my friend! Password is Y

  20. PC

    [PC] Summon me! SL101

    10 hours ago
    Boss: Spear of the Church

    I'm pretty much free today, just gonna be vibing in DS3 for a while, I haven't unlocked all of Ringed City yet, but I'd like to get some early sunlight medals to get Great Lightning Spear- that and just play with people. Summon me!

  21. Boss: None

    Sorry can’t help with world tendency

  22. Boss: Darkeater Midir

    I can summon at the Upper Latria arch stone. My password is 1234

  23. Boss: None

    Please help. I'm embered at the Grand Archives Bonfire.

  24. Boss: None

    This is the last thing I need for the platinum and I can’t get any of them. I’m getting about 1 per hour farming the skeletons w 499 item discovery, and I’m so bad at PVP. I’ve maybe killed 1 person out of the maybe 20 I’ve done. Can someone please help me get these shackles? Thank you!