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  1. Boss: Pontiff Sulyvahn

  2. Boss: Darkeater Midir

    That’s all I’m Sl 94, not in NG+

  3. Boss: None

    Souls level 62

    Server Europe (Stockholm)

    Password: 12345

    Waiting at the starting archstone of The King's Tower for anyone to show up! Thank you in advance.

  4. Boss: None


  5. Boss: Slave Knight Gael

    Password: Bird

  6. Boss: None

    Need help with 'unwelcome guest' trophy. Can help back as well!

  7. Boss: None

    I just started and I have the key and opened the door but he one taps me

  8. Boss: Demon Prince

  9. Boss: None

    Please help, im at the bottom of the elevator from firelink shrine. Thank you!

  10. Boss: None

    any NG, area or boss. DLC included

  11. Boss: None

    Doesn’t matter what, unfortunately no dlc

  12. Boss: Nameless King

  13. Boss: Soul of Cinder

    pw 4321

  14. Boss: Crystal Sage

    Looking for assistance with the iron passage. Soul memory is 3682386

  15. Boss: None

    At the tunnel city boss fight fog. PW: 1234

  16. Boss: None

    I need someone to invade me and let me kill them, I'm currently PBCT and need to go to PWCT. (ng+)

    Smithing ground

    server: Europe (Stockholm)

    password: 12345

    I don't have red eye stone

  17. Boss: None

    I've been stuck on the final part of this boss for the best of 4 hours now no matter what I try I can't get inside it please help I'll be at the fogwall pw is yolo515

  18. Boss: Slave Knight Gael