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  1. Boss: Demon Prince

    Phase 2 is annoying.

    pw: 4592

  2. Boss: None

    Xbox ds3 corvian settlement ashes of ariandel dlc ng+ password Help247

  3. Boss: None

    I need help getting covenant items because farming them sucks lol I’ve already got all the tongues and most of the grass.

  4. Boss: Darkeater Midir

    If you need help taking on a boss or getting through an area, I'm happy to try to assist. Any NG or soul level welcome. Char: Irish Daddy.

  5. PS5

    Covenant items ps5

    an hour ago
    Boss: None

    Anyone want to trade covenant items for something else?

  6. Boss: Abyss Watchers

    At farron keep perimeter bonfire pass 211, please help!

  7. Boss: None

    I just need enough levels to make it through NG++ for the platinum. I'm kinda sick of farming souls already. I'm already SL200. Please help me.

  8. Boss: Vordt of the Boreal Valley

    As insane as this sounds I can also help with friede

  9. Boss: Darkeater Midir

    I’m having a tough time with midir and any help would be great

  10. Boss: None

    Pls help

  11. Boss: None

    At old wolf of farron bonfire pass 211!

  12. Boss: Slave Knight Gael

    PW - 67

    I'll only summon for Midir if i don't get Sacred Oath on this next medal.

  13. Boss: None

    Down to help with any boss, and open to sun bro gank

  14. Boss: None

    Name engraved ring will be Quella god of dream

  15. Boss: None

    Title says, will help with any boss.

    First NG, level 150.

  16. Boss: None

    SL 74

  17. Boss: Champion's Gravetender

    I don’t like this boss, anyone want to absolutely humiliate the life out of them? Password is Solaire. Please put sign next to the drop for the boss where the messages usually are. (Or where boss fog would be if there was fog.)

  18. Boss: None

  19. Boss: Pontiff Sulyvahn

    Pw is pw1566

    At bonfire thanks

  20. Boss: Nameless King

    lol i lied i just want a sunbro for the medals, pw is 67 meet me at archdragon peak bonfire, it's NG so it should be insanely easy

  21. Boss: Crystal Sage

    Pw is Solaire . I’m at the crucifixion woods bonfire. Ty!

  22. Xbox

    Xbox One Nameless King

    4 hours ago
    Boss: Nameless King

    Password is 77777 please place sign down at great belfry bonfire

  23. Boss: None

    My Psn is nightmothzo and my soul mem is 25894760

    I'll be waiting at the smelter throne bonfire