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  1. Xbox

    Xbox DS3 Midir

    26 minutes ago
    Boss: Darkeater Midir

    I can't even be bothered with this boss

  2. Boss: Slave Knight Gael

    Password is rip if anyone's awake and wants to help

  3. Boss: Soul of Cinder

    Comment or DM me if your in I’ll be home in an hour ish

  4. Boss: Spear of the Church

    Pass is 1234 at fog gate

  5. PS5

    ps5 ds3 osirus

    2 hours ago
    Boss: None

  6. Boss: Crystal Sage

  7. Boss: None

    Pass 123 I'm near the final bonfire

  8. Boss: Twin Princes

    Anybody up for helping with these twins? Sign outside fog, password 3332

  9. Boss: Nameless King

    Password rex

  10. Boss: None

    I need sunlight medals haha also willing to help

  11. Boss: Sister Friede

  12. Boss: None

    pw is nachos

  13. Boss: None

    So, we both sit around in belfry Luna or Belfry soul and murder each other until we both get rank 2 for the hidden weapon sorcery.

  14. PS5

    [PS5] DS3 Gravetender

    4 hours ago
    Boss: Champion's Gravetender


  15. Boss: Darkeater Midir

    Password is 1592, & I'll be at the Inner Wall bonfire if I'm not taking a crack at Midir.

  16. PC

    Psx ds2 coop

    5 hours ago
    Boss: None

  17. Boss: None

    We had a great time playing several bonfires together in the Ringed City area... Would like to meet the guys again! Thanks!

  18. Boss: Nameless King

    Anyone feel like beating up a Wyvern and a King?

  19. Boss: Aldrich, Devourer of Gods

    Can't do DLC DS3 by the way

  20. Boss: None