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  1. Boss: Soul of Cinder

    Can't beat this asshole and would love some help.

  2. Boss: Sister Friede

    Password 92ashen NG+7 Difficultly means defend yourself as enemies kill within 3 strikes Running to unlock Sister Friede via Lever in Fly room, lets take our time killing all millwood foes along the way.

  3. PS4


    25 minutes ago
    Boss: None

    Will venmo or provide embers for someone that allows me to farm 28 vertebrae shackles. PSN:GrimTrevor97 Can provide pw if asked.

  4. Boss: Dancer of the Boreal Valley

    I love the dancer fight

  5. Boss: None

    I'm in the bonefire with solaire, I want to get rid of the duo Pw: sol

  6. Boss: Abyss Watchers

    I normally do well against these guys, but I ain't making it here.

  7. Boss: None

    Hi! I'm trying to platinum, and there are 2 trophies that I need! Could anyone help me? I need to be summoned to help you with a boss, and I also need to beat you in pvp during an invasion. I'd really appreciate the help while my internet isn't acting up lol

  8. Boss: None

    I’m literally going to lose my mind. Send dudes. Help me.

  9. Boss: None

    Any boss but king allant

  10. Boss: None

    Hey anyone online and able to give me a hand real quick with allant? My psn is Lucyy4d

  11. Boss: Aldrich, Devourer of Gods

    Could really use some help pw is 555 I'm at anor Londo bonfire

  12. PS4

    [ps4][DSR] co-op?

    3 hours ago
    Boss: None

  13. Boss: Spear of the Church

    Base game, waiting at bonfire

  14. Boss: Abyss Watchers

    If i can summon someone in right at the first bonfire to Chasm that'd help a lot, pass is "sunbro"

  15. Boss: None

    Yes i do know how to parry him but everytime i get hin to a quarter health he grabs me and rushes me making it so i cant heal and causing me to die

  16. Boss: None

    I need help with this boss to get to last spell for platinum

  17. Boss: None

    Looking for people to pvp with, preferably meta level range (120-150 ig, im 130 myself), possible fight club if we get enough people

  18. Boss: None

    Need help fighting gwymdolin

  19. Boss: Aldrich, Devourer of Gods

    At anor Londo bonfire. PW is aldrich

  20. Boss: None

    I will DM you so we can talk on discord or by phone if you’re available

  21. PS4

    Help ds3 Midir Ps4

    4 hours ago
    Boss: Darkeater Midir

    Need help fighting midir if anyone can help thanks


  22. Boss: None

    Password; AshenSun

    Looking for GROUP up to 3 phantoms to run Ariendal DLC for the ashes needed to unlock Millwood Bow + finish the entire DLC if we manage everything starting from Snowfield

    Waiting by Bonfire now with password.